Chedid Capital's bespoke HR software E-DARAT sees Dubai debut, eyes MENA SME rollout

Chedid Capital's bespoke HR software E-DARAT sees Dubai debut, eyes MENA SME rollout

E-DARAT was built and designed as a swift, smart, and intuitive ‘people management’ solution for SMEs

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Dubai – Under a major digital transformation drive for its partner and client network, Chedid Capital, a leading financial and investment group specialized in insurance and reinsurance in the Middle East, Africa and part of Europe, announced the launch of E-DARAT, its bespoke tech platform for HR and employee benefit management.

Incepted by the group in 2019, E-DARAT was built and designed as a swift, smart, and intuitive ‘people management’ solution for SMEs, helping them navigate challenges associated with people productivity and resource management, and catalysing their day-to-day digital and tech transformation on a centralized platform.

“When we first set out to develop E-DARAT as an end-to-end platform for ‘people management’, our focus was on technology, design, and user experiences with purpose and impact. Simply put, we want to help SMEs and businesses of all sizes manage the delicate balancing act between their operational efficiency, business profitability, and employee productivity. E-DARAT’s role in this chain is to simplify complex technology for businesses and people to help them better manage their time and resources, and operate in a transparent and measurable ecosystem,” commented Farid Chedid, Chairman and CEO at Chedid Capital Holding.

“This focus is very much rooted in our group’s digital and tech transformation strategy and philosophy. Technology often moves at a pace too overwhelming for businesses, and more so for SMEs. We believe in making it accessible and approachable to level the playing for businesses of the future, enabling people to focus on what they do best, and spend time where it matters most,” he added. 

Through E-DARAT’s web and mobile application, SMEs are able to streamline, digitize and automate most of both their strategic operations and time-consuming routine processes and paperwork –  from HR policy setup, to attendance management, to employee on-boarding, to leave requests, to payroll cycles, to data-led performance appraisals. They can also access Chedid Capital’s robust network of insurance and reinsurance partners, where they can get introduced to brokers through the platform for company-wide insurance plans and policies.

E-DARAT’s Android and Apple mobile app also offers employees on-the-go functionalities, such as fingerprint punch-in/punch-out, leave request management, and access to health facilities covered by their insurance plans. Depending on their role in the people and employee benefit management chain, E-DARAT users – including HR managers, line managers, employees are offered multiple access points and personalized dashboards.

E-DARAT’s functionalities are powered by cutting edge technology and cybersecurity infrastructure. The platform’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which translates information in scanned documents that contain text into machine-readable text, allows HR managers to upload employee information by simply scanning personal ID documents. For extra security, E-DARAT databases are also plugged into the UAE-based Microsoft AZURE cloud computing services.

About Chedid Capital Holding

A financial holding company, Chedid Capital is a leading investment group in the insurance and reinsurance fields. The group operates in 45 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and most recently Pakistan and the South East of the Indian continent via its Beirut, Casablanca, Jeddah, Doha, Dubai, Khobar, Limassol, London, Port Louis, Riyadh, and Sharjah offices. Its subsidiary, Chedid Re, a Lloyd’s official broker, is among the 20 largest reinsurance brokers in the world.

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Saturday, January 16, 2021